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How does counselling actually work?

our comfortable counselling room

our comfortable counselling room

You are not alone, everyone encounters problems from time to time. As your counsellor I provide a warm, caring and confidential environment where you will not be judged. You are able to talk freely about any issue at all and we will share and explore together what may be very difficult thoughts and feelings.

The relationship between counsellor and client is vitally important. There are countless different therapy approaches but current research consistently shows that the relationship between counsellor and client is the most important factor in client recovery regardless of the type of therapy used.

How does it actually work? Difficulties you are finding in the present have sometimes originated from your past experiences. In therapy you are helped to become more aware of habits in relating and old patterns of behaviour that might have been necessary in the past but that don’t serve you well in your current relationships. Gently unpicking and understanding this allows you to take the necessary steps towards achieving change in your relationships and in the issues in your life that are troubling you and can enable you to live in a more fulfilling and rewarding way. I will help you to look at the options open to you and assist you in gaining the confidence to choose to change things if you wish. I see my job as supporting you in the achievement of a more satisfying emotional life.

Therapy is not always easy. It can be hard to take that first step and the route to recovery is rarely straightforward but feeling better IS achievable. Together we can help get you through this difficult time. You have already taken your first step by reading my website.


Counselling can help: Loss – Bereavement – Grief – Anxiety – Depression – Anger – Emotional/Physical/Sexual Abuse – Self-esteem – Pain – Illness – Infertility – Mental health – Sexuality – Relationship issues – Stress – Issues of identity – Sexual Difficulties – Trauma – Bullying – Life-changes – Death anxiey – Disability – Child-related difficulties – Self-harm – Suicidal thoughts – Crime – Feelings of emptiness – Trauma of various kinds and more…